The Waxing Guide For Men

So, you're already used to shaving or trimming but you've always wondered - what about waxing? Is it very painful? Does it give a better result? Well, we've got the scoop!

Does it Hurt?

Is the Pope Catholic? Of course it hurts! But the most important thing to take away here is that it won’t hurt as much as you think it will. If you’re really worried, take some painkillers 30 minutes before your wax.

Does the Hair Grow Back?

The hair will grow back, but you should remain smooth for about three weeks (though everyone is slightly different). The regrowth should be softer and less coarse than if you were to shave, and the more often you wax the longer the results will last.

How Long Does it Take?

Going to a professional for intimate waxing is obviously more advisable than trying it yourself at home. It would usually take an average of an hour, but give yourself some time to relax and prepare beforehand by arriving 10-15 mins early.

How Do I Prepare?

Prepare your skin as advised above. Make sure not to shave for at least 3 weeks prior to your appointment as the hairs need to be at least 5mm for the wax to stick.

But which regions?

Chest Waxing

Chest hair removal is something you can do at home if you wish. It’s relatively easy and there are no awkward nooks and crannies to try and reach. But should you wax your chest in the first place? Well, if you’re uncomfortable with the thickness of your chest hair, regular waxing helps it grow back thinner than shaving. Word of warning, be sure avoid the nipple and the area around it.

Back Waxing

Men’s back hair removal is pretty much the same as chest waxing. If you’re wondering how to get rid of back hair, well, it’s a large open space with zero awkward bits, so it’s quite possible this could be another at-home escapade if you’re looking to save a bit of cash. You will, however, need that partner or friend to help with some areas, as it’s pretty impossible for arms to be that flexible.

Intimate Waxing

As far as we’re concerned, a back, sack and crack wax is not something you should really attempt at home if you want your bits to remain intact.

Hot vs Cold

As more and more men are making shedding their body hair part of their regular grooming routine, you need to have the right waxing product in your grooming tool kit. There are different options when it comes to at home waxing, such as ready-to-use wax strips, hot/warm wax, and the roll-on option.

So what’s the difference? It basically comes down to a pros versus cons list of hot waxing versus cold waxing (the cold waxing being the ready-to-use wax strips). It really is down to personal preference, and being armed with the facts will enable you to make an informed decision as to which method is best for you.

Hot Waxing:


  • The heat opens up the pores and hair follicles making it easier to pull out the hair.
  • Sticks well to the hair so that it is all removed at once.
  • Ideal even for short hair


  • Can burn the skin if applied when it’s too hot
  • Messy and difficult to remove once dry
  • Although the process is quick, the prep can take some time
  • Takes time to learn correct technique

Cold Waxing


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • No mess
  • Most people find it less painful
  • No special preparation necessary
  • Best for people with less coarse hair


  • May not stick to the hair too well so could need to repeat the process on same area a couple of times, which could lead to irritation.
  • Increased risk of ingrown hairs.

What to remember?

1. Exfoliation is key.

Be sure you’re exfoliating between waxes! Using a scrub once a week on the areas you wax should help this problem. Scrub a day or two before waxing, not same day so you don’t over exfoliate your skin. What you’re doing with this is removing all of the dead skin that builds up on the surface. That way the wax is removing just the hair, not a layer of dead skin as well.

We’ve had quite a few exfoliators and scrubbing helpers in our Gay Packs, so you might want to get on board!

2. Don’t make it too hot!

If you are using the traditional method of hot wax heat the wax, but don’t make it too hot! You’re not gonna be up for the pain of a crack wax if you’ve just scalded yourself before you’ve even got down to the nitty-gritty. If you want to do a patch test beforehand to check the temperature, then use the skin on your inner wrist.

3. You can nip allergic reactions in the bud

If your skin is red and bumpy, you may have had an allergic reaction to the wax itself or your skin is freaking out because you’ve never had it done before. It’s very common with a first time wax.

4. And ingrown hairs are preventable, too

You will have to wash your back every day with a back brush to avoid ingrown hairs. It takes 45 seconds to soap a brush and give your back a once over. There’s dead skin back there that the hairs are trying to poke through and if the little follicles can’t, they get stuck and basically become infected.

5. Waxing can also be superior to shaving.

There’s “less time involved, hair’s gone longer, and some places I just couldn’t reach (the back, especially). There’s also no stubble when the hair starts growing back.

6. There is a brief recovery process when it comes to waxing below the belt

Your skin will be sensitive after and for 24 hours you shouldn’t have sex or do anything that would make you sweaty or irritate your skin (working out, sauna, hot showers/baths, exfoliating).

So, ready for your wax or will you stick to other manscaping options?


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