The surprising amount men pay for underwear

We at Freedom & Undies have been wondering for a while what is the amount men pay for underwear (it's a professional fetish, apparently!) but couldn't find any good information. So we conducted our own little research and now we know.
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After a lengthy and thorough survey, we found out a few interesting facts. Namely, men love wearing designer underwear and consider them treats for themselves. And that they do even more than they consider it to be just for practical reasons. We have to say we love that!

However, they’re all a bit afraid to get underwear as someone might find out or it’s just uncomfortable, according to our research. (This can easily be avoided with our discreetly packed Gay Packs by the way)

Taste wise, a large majority leans towards briefs as well as jockstraps (they really have peaked in the past years!) and more than 90% prefer them to be more colourful and exciting. They also consider this to be a real turn-off if their date is wearing old or ugly underwear. 

But now to the main question: What is the average price men pay for their underwear? It might surprise you but there are differences in it depending on the age:

  • Up to 24-year-olds pay in average $15-20 on their underwear
  • 25-34-year-olds spend in average $25-30 on a pair of underwear
  • 35-44-year-olds take this up by another $10, so it’s $35-40.
  • 45+ take this up even higher to up to $50!

It’s a lot more than other surveys have found a few years back. So, well done, men!

(We don’t want to toot our own horn here (or maybe we do!) but our Gay Packs offer even more value, considering you can get underwear already for $26 in our Bare Pack – try it out!)

All of this demonstrates how important underwear is for men and why subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular among them for getting their monthly dose of underwear.  

Want to get a Gay Pack – your monthly delivery of designer underwear & grooming product samples to try out?

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