The Jocks Review: Which style works the best?

We at Freedom & Undies decided to get down and dirty and pick 3 pairs of different jocks to check out which style is the best. We picked a pair from one of the heavyweights of the underwear world and tested them inside and out.

The fun & colourful

Can you think of a better way to feel playful than check out a pair of jocks by Andrew Christian? Didn’t think so.

So, we took a look at their CoolFlex Modal Sports Jock w/ Show-It. This soft and flexible pair features their proprietary support technology consisting of a hidden “comfy cup”. This horseshoe shaped inner cup is lined by soft elastic that gently aids in the lifting and support. Don’t judge us for liking it!

CoolFlex is made from a super soft modal fabric which is perfect for sports and working out as it is up to 50% more absorbent than cotton. It also resists shrinking and fading which is a welcome addition. The underwear also features the custom Andrew Christian Ultra Slimming elastic to slim the appearance of love handles. The latter we salute after this piece of cake we’re just having.

What we like: The fabric is soft with gentle stretch and the colours are great.
What we like less: The wristband is a bit thin and sometimes it twists when you put them on.
When we’d wear them: Going for a walk, jogging, dating, on holidays.
This underwear in three words: Soft. Сomfortable. Fun.

Classic & sporty

When we’re going for something more sporty then the first brand that comes to our mind is of course PUMP!, especially as they’re a jocks powerhouse!

PUMP! Hockey Jock is a classic white jockstrap made of ribbed nylon/cotton blend.The cup is accented with red stitching and blue piping. The waistband is wide, bright red, soft yet sturdy with ultimate stretchability and hold.

What we like: These Pump jocks are always comfortable. They’re stretchy but firm and the colours are great for anybody.
What we like less: The blue piping on Cup will discolour the white fabric.
When we’d wear them: Gym, cycling, home-wear, holiday.
This underwear in three words: Strong. Gym. Playful.


Going a bit more conservative

When we’re feeling a bit more conservative then it’s time for ES Collection. Especially as they feel so high fashion! Their black basic jockstraps have been in their collection for more than 10 years which is already a huge achievement.

It’s a low and sexy cut jockstrap with a 50 mm waistband for the best possible fit. And we won’t even mention that it’s been designed and made in the fabulous Spanish capital of Barcelona! While they might be truly a pair of basic jocks, we love their simplicity and high-quality feel.

What we like: It’s a fantastic fit and holds everything in place, nice and snug.
What we like less: It’s the first time we cannot answer this question as they’re simply fab!
When we’d wear them: At work, dating, cycling, the gym
This underwear in three words: Stylish. High-quality. Comfortable.


So, we got three very different styles but we’re really happy about how great all them actually are! High quality, comfortable and most of all – hot – that would be our judgement today on them.

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