Perfect gift for yourself – because you deserve something special, too!

Gifts for yourself are not selfish: Let’s be clear about that first. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time. After all, you’ve had a tough year, and you made it through. That deserves celebrating.

It’s nice to treat yourself every once in a while, so consider gifting yourself one thing — just a single good thing. Even if you choose a small item, it’ll feel good. Plus, if you already know what the gift is, it’s impossible for the gift to be disappointing.

Here are 5 good ideas.

A too-expensive candle

Spending $40-$60 on a candle might seem excessive. That’s because it is excessive, even though there are definitely pricier candles out there. Still, this is your big gift to yourself, so drop cash on a fancy scent cylinder if you please.

Just like, a cake

Screw it. Get a fancy-ass birthday cake. Eat the whole thing. Whatever.

Biggest Gay Pack ever

You can get the Biggest Gay Pack ever! We have created a Seasonal Gay Pack with 3 pairs of designer underwear & 8x full-size grooming and lifestyle products. Our biggest pack ever! The average value of this pack is $530+ / £370+ / €430+ and you can check it here!

You’ll love everything from the underwear to the grooming products, we can guarantee. For example in one of our previous Packs, we had a HYDRATING BUTT MASK and a set of 3 different C-rings! How cool is this? Our customers were in love with this pack. More information about this pack you can see here!


Maybe you want to get into analog correspondence in 2022. Maybe you simply want to justify using the phrase “analog correspondence.” Get some pretty stationery for yourself and see whether you start writing five letters a week to your long-distance friends. Even if you don’t (and you probably won’t), it will still look lovely on your desk.

A knife

You’ll be safer in the kitchen, more precise in your work, and just a little closer to emulating your faves from the Bon Appétit test kitchen.

Remember that you deserve to get a perfect treat. Hope our tips will help you to make a great choice.


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