Instacrush: UK Hunk Sam Morris Talks About “Other Boys, & Lovers,” Undies And Berlin

We first came across Sam Morris on Instagram this Spring. We'd been, umm, 'enjoying' him and his lovely pictures and gorgeous videos, and then a couple of months ago, we went to visit some friends, and... Sam. Morris. Was. There. Like, actually there. *screams*


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how’s it hangin

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We managed to hold ourselves together, and a few months later, we met up again for an interview! Sam is our Instacrush this week (and most weeks in real life, ahem), but apart from his Instagram he has a website with some of the most arty, tasteful, erotic, sensual, sexy and downright ‘wow’ videos you’re gonna find.

It’s definitely NSFW. It’s kinda art-porn, but way better than porn. But there’s quite a bit of sex. Anyway, check it out, but before you do, here’s our chat with him.

Danny Polaris: Sam Morris, you’re still relatively new to Berlin, how’s it been going?

Sam Morris: It’s been going good. I’m used to travelling around the world, last year I lived in NYC, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, & London, so this year I thought Berlin would be the next stop on my list, but I’ve ended up staying much longer than I planned. It’s a great city for what I do, lots of boys to shoot, high standard of living, can’t complain!


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DP: What have you been doing this summer?

SM: I’ve been shooting a bunch here for my website and my Other Boys, & Lovers project. It’s a great city to find boys who are experimental with their sexuality. Other than work, I’ve been doing the Berlin party scene a bit, which is fun, though I’ve gotta be honest, I’m more of a Netflix & Chill kinda guy. 

DP: What’s the biggest difference between German boys and British boys?

SM: In terms of comparing them with other guys around the world, I would say German & British boys are quite similar actually, from my experience. Apart from dick size, Germans have the bigger dicks. 

DP: Boxers or briefs?


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SM: I’m more of a briefs guy really. I like classic underwear, & I like my cock & balls to feel nice and snug. 

DP: And what about jock straps?

SM: I do own a few jock straps, but I’m more of a thong kinda guy. Find them sexier, and they make the shape of my ass look better. 


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DP: Have you got a favourite pair of underwear?

SM: I don’t think you can beat a classic pair of Calvin Klein’s or Tommy Hilfigers to be honest. I like classic underwear, plain white.

DP: What does a man’s pair of undies say about his personality?

SM: I guess it’s all about choices. I’m not a fan of crazy patterned underwear. If I hooked up with a guy wearing comic book undies I would probably question his choices lol. 

DP: What’s your number one health kick at the moment?

SM: I just started making Greek yoghurt a solid part of my diet to help my gut. It really does wonders, particularly if you have a sensitive gut due to PrEP, which I have had. It’s amazing. That, and always drinking a lot of water! 

DP: What beauty or skincare product could you not live without?

SM: I’m a sucker for Aesop products. My bathroom is always stocked up with them. Their moisturisers particularly. I can’t live without moisturiser. I have super dry skin, so I’m always slapping it on.


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Check out Sam’s website Other Boys, & Lovers if you’re ready for some NSFW art and video. We’ll leave you with this super-cute song he posted the other day. Yes, he sings too. No wonder he was voted as one of 2017’s top 100 eligible bachelors in Out Magazine…

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