With so many hot guys on Instagram these days, it can take a lot of scrolling to be sure you’re not missing out on anyone looking delicious in their undies… Our weekly feature solves this problem. You’re welcome.

This week, we spoke to the jaw-droppingly-cute Hassan from Lebanon, aka @queenofvirginity

He’s going to have you weak at the knees with his gorgeous looks and quirky, creative persona.

F&U: We love your style Hassan. What’s your favorite style of underwear?

I really like white briefs – I think they’re super sexy. I also LOVE wearing thongs. I get an instant boner once I put on a thong – I like wearing jockstraps too – both make a guy’s ass look really sexy and I like the erotism. I also think that a person is quite comfortable with their gender identity when they wear thongs, considering they’re mostly worn by women. 

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Fuck winter. 📸: @studiograbdown / @makemeaoffer

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F&U: What’s your perfect idea of a 1st date?

You gotta give the person your fullest attention and be present with them. For example, I wouldn’t meet a guy with his friends or invite him to hang out with me and my friends, before meeting him alone first. It just won’t work. So, I think going out for a coffee where we could talk and get to know each other is the best date I could ask for. I’m so boring, my lord. But!, of course, that’d be followed by some fine sinful sex.

F&U: That’s the kind of coffee we’d be up for! Now before we get in trouble, tell us three things you love about Berlin…

Well, where to start? Berlin is home. The first thing I absolutely adore about Berlin is the freedom. Sexual freedom. Freedom of speech. Any sort of freedom. You can just do whatever you want and I’m so grateful for this. I also love how ethnically and culturally rich Berlin is. I love getting to know other cultures and have friends from all over the world. Thirdly – parks. So many of them. everywhere, in every corner of the city. This is something that we, sadly, don’t have in Beirut.

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📸: @studiograbdown

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F&U: What are you up to this summer?

Ah! First, my plan is to enjoy the beautiful weather this year. I’m flying to Amsterdam in August to attend Pride and will probably travel around the country a bit and collaborate with some photographers.

Then, I’m flying to Budapest to participate in a panel discussion I was invited to as a queer person who grew up in the Middle East. Otherwise, I’m just planning to work more on my drag art.

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K, i'm ready to party. Hbu? #berlinchangedme

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F&U: What’s one of your biggest fears?

My biggest fear used to be rejection. I was always afraid to lose the ones I love. I was afraid of abandonment. But not anymore. If a person doesn’t want to stay in my life now, I’m actually rather happy because I cannot force anyone to stay when they don’t want to.

And no matter how many people leave, I will always have myself and my Mom. My love for myself, my Mom’s love for me and my love for my Mom is enough.

F&U: Tell us about your skincare routine…

I try not to over-use products or obsess too much about my skin. Lately, I’ve been doing this natural mask for blackheads. I always make sure to moisturize and not sit under the sun for too long. OH!, and coconut oil.

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Photo by: @aanntteennaa

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F&U: Shower or bath?

Erm… that’s a hard one. Shower, I’d say. I get really frustrated sitting in a bathtub for too long. I feel like I’m missing out on so much happening outside. *laughs* Plus, showering allows me to live my diva fantasy and perform my hit songs.

F&U: Finally, do you have a favorite pair of undies?

Yes. These ones [see picture below] Don’t I look so cute in them?

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Pussy queen.

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You sure do Hassan! Thanks so much for talking to us. Keep those underwear shots coming our way!

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