Instacrush of the week / We love @dirrtylollipop in his undies

Got undies FOMO? With so many hot guys on Instagram these days, it can take a lot of scrolling to be sure you’re not missing out on anything or anyone, looking fine in their undies… But fear not! Our new weekly feature brings you some of the hottest boys from around the world, in their underwear.

Our first instacrush is Stuart from Ireland. He’s recently back in Europe after living in Asia for 7 years, and damn, is he fine. Get to know his profile @dirrtylollipop!


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F&U: We love your Instagram pics Stuart! We’ve got to start off by asking… what do you most like doing in your undies?

If I’m going to be real honest… *grins* I like singing and dancing around the house in them. I have quite the selection of them for all the right moments or mood. *laughs*

I have such a huge selection of music from Robyn, The Knife, Mariah Carey, Grimes, Celine Dion, Usher, Brandy, but the best one to dance around to (when no one is watching perhaps) would be the the one and only ‘GODNEY, “Miss Britney Spears.”


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F&U: Do you have a favourite pair of underpants?

I don’t necessarily have a favourite pair, but i do have a favourite style… JOCKSTRAPS! I love the freedom. The idea that you can be wearing them and no one knows what’s happening below.. that mental power is freeing and extremely adventurous. And they make your butt look cute. *laughs*

F&U: Tell us about your skincare routine, any tips or tricks?

Yes, my trick is water, water. water… you cannot beat it, along with good rest. I’ve made a conscious decision in the last few years to take care of myself more than ever. I don’t do things that will hurt me on the inside as I believe they can affect me on the outside. It’s that old saying
“your body is a temple.”


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F&U: So did you used to be a bad boy?

I have never been a ‘bad’ boy. I have strong morals, great respect for myself and others, but I have lived a life where i didn’t take care of myself and in turn that affected people around me. I’ve put myself first these past couple of years and I never did that before. The time I’ve put into becoming a better me is the biggest payoff in life.

F&U: You lived in Asia for a long time! What did you do there? What did you learn about yourself?

I was in an amazing relationship for 10 years and after building a house together in Europe we looked for the next challenge in our life that could bring us adventure and travel which lead us to Asia. I was working in one of the biggest retail companies managing south-east Asia for visual merchandising and life was great. When my relationship ended I moved to Bali for two years to do the whole “eat, pray, love thing,” I guess. The biggest thing I learned about myself was I enjoy my own company, I love myself more and I’m not afraid of change.


A new way to come out Swimwear by @yasa_by_yasadock Photo @darkbunnyarte

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F&U: And now we see you’re in Prague? What are you up to there?

I decided to come back to Europe a few months back as I missed European culture and mentality. Coming to Prague was completely random! I have two good friends here who were opening a new gay bar and I wanted to help make it successful, so I moved here.

At the same time, being in such a central European location means that there’s a big melting pot of different people. The scene needs a lot of work here, and it’s mostly tourists that go out on it, but the city is magical and there are always fun things to do or new things to see. I don’t know what the next few months hold for me, but that freedom is exhilarating.


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