How to make Christmas more gay?

Excited to celebrate Christmas with your family and want to turn it more gay? But not sure what you can all do together? Think of your values and what new memories you can create with them. Here are our few advances that you can easily change and have more fun this year!

Decorate the Christmas tree together

One fun and easier idea are to ask your friends/family to participate in tree decoration. Request each guest to bring an ornament for a bare Christmas tree. And don’t forget those rainbow ornaments! On Christmas Day, let everyone put up their selected ornament and make this tree special to your family.

Ornaments can be handmade, or simply symbols that remind them of happy times. Here you can find some inspiration.

Or you can get a Christmas tree like this and this magic tree will save you a lot of time.

Host a fun family potluck

Sharing food together is a powerful act that brings people closer together. It’s also a simple way to show how much you care. Instead of having only one person handle all the cooking and food preparation, host a party and ask your friends to bring an item they love to eat to your holiday potluck.

It can be something store-bought, or it can be something they whipped up in the kitchen from a beloved recipe. It helps you learn more about your friends, their stories, and the things that give them comfort. Best of all, it saves one person the stress of managing a meal for a whole group!

Have a holiday-themed movie night

Want to keep your holiday celebration casual yet fun? Select a holiday-themed film for a movie night with your chosen family. There are many wonderful LGBTQ+ holiday movies that’ll definitely make your spirits gay. We can recommend you watch this movie – Single All The Way

Ask all your guests to bring a drink or snack that they want to share and enjoy together while watching these films. It’s a lowkey, chill way to hang out during Christmas, and you can choose a different movie every year.

Get something nice for yourself

Don’t forget to buy something nice for yourself. Maybe it sounds a little selfish but you deserve it. And this week we have our special grooming kit. We decided to sell it earlier to be sure you’ll get it on time. Hurry up!

Imagine after Christmas you can stay at home to enjoy all that left food in your frighten. Lying on the couch in the reflection of the Christmas tree lights you can now open our special gift and have a pampering time. Enjoy it!

Send a Christmas card to your friends

You can go on a little road trip before Christmas with your friends and send postcards to an assigned member’s home from your trip place.

Add a little doodle or meaningful message to warm their heart. You can also take inspiration from here.

It’ll be a thrill to receive them later on and see their postmark when you come back from your trip.

We hope you’ll get inspired by our ideas and try them out with friends, neighbours, and other welcome guests this season. With so much kindness all around you, you’ll have an unforgettable gay Christmas this year!


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