How to get smooth without destroying the world?

Love feeling how smooth your skin is after a proper exfoliation session? We do too. But we have a worry as many of these exfoliators include bits of plastic. So how can you go smooth while not ruining the world?

We got a selection of natural exfoliators we can highly recommend:

  • baking soda
  • finely ground sugar
  • coffee grounds
  • finely ground almonds
  • oatmeal
  • finely ground sea salt
  • cinnamon

You can also combine other products often found in your kitchen to these natural exfoliants like honey, green or chamomile tea and essential oils.

But hey, this will make a mess out of things. So, we got a better way – Dr Botanicals’ Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar. It’s all natural and will make your skin so smooth people might slip off of you if they happen to be on top of you. Yes, true story.

But not only will it gently exfoliate your skin, the juicy superfood strawberry nourishes and revitalises your skin by removing excess oil whilst simultaneously hydrating dry skin AT THE SAME TIME. Brilliant, no? And you can try it our in your Pride Pack this month. Enjoy!


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