Is hybrid beauty the next big thing?

First came hybrid plants, then hybrid cars and now.. hybrid beauty. As intriguing as it is, it might as well be the next big thing in grooming.

“Hybrid” refers to a mixture or crossing of different species or systems. For example, a hybrid car is powered by an electric motor and a gasoline engine. In cosmetics, different active ingredients typically found in skincare are bundled with makeup in one product. By using different technologies, the individual product benefits are combined, complemented, and expanded.

Well-known examples of hybrid cosmetics are BB and CC creams, which have been around for some time now. Today you have a chance to get this product for free. Just use the coupon code: UNDID and we’ll add this to your first Gay Pack for free. [water tint for face] by UN_DID that has multiple uses – part moisturiser, part skin-serum, part foundation. It’s hybrid beauty at its finest, blending skincare with color.

So, it’ll help you look really fine, plus give you a dose of skin-kind active ingredients.

“Products like mine have started to gain momentum as people are looking for all-in-one products that are multi-functional, quick and easy to use and better value for money. I believe people are embracing more natural skin looks that enhance your authenticity, rather than covering it up. Plus, since the pandemic there has been a rise in support for small business who are sustainable, inclusive and have a clear mission,” explains Romi Dasani, the man behind UN_DID. You can also have a look at how to use the product below:

But why use both – Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid?

Romi explains: “I’ve used both glycerin and hyaluronic acid in the formula as they work together to retain moisture within the skin. HA can only be used in cosmetic ingredients in small doses as it’s very powerful, so adding the complimentary glycerin means that we can boost the hydration making it super comfortable to wear on the skin. Both work together to draw in water from the air and hold it on the skin to help it feeling hydrated.”

Not bad at all. Is this the future of grooming. We suspect it is.


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