Have you heard about Sweetest Day?

Yes, you'll be surprised to hear about this, but there is Sweetest Day. This day is known for its distribution of sweets in heart-shaped boxes, and a recognition of the love of candy.

On October 19, 1921, Cleveland Confectioners came together to create a new day to celebrate the people’s love of candy and each other. On the first celebration of this day 20,000 boxes of candy were distributed throughout the city, and everyone from newsboys, old folks, the poor, and orphans were gifted with delicious treats to help make it the “National Sweetest Day” of the year for them.

How to celebrate National Sweetest Day?

The simplest way to celebrate National Sweetest Day is to indulge your sweet-tooth and buy your favorite treat. An even better idea is to share it with someone who loves it as much as you do! Bring in a box of treats for your co-workers, or surprise your sweetie with their favorite sugary indulgence.
If you’re feeling truly ambitious, you can coordinate with a local charity to help do a sweets drive to generate money for them. Candy is always a popular item for charity drives, and if you contact the creator of these confectionary delights, you can probably get them at a heavily discounted price for use in charity drives.
Another idea is to send out National Sweetest Day cards. Currently, several popular card sellers offer themed cards for the day, allowing you to write messages to people you care about and remind them of the event. You might even want to design and create your own chocolates at home with a unique theme. Making unique and interesting flavors is a lot of fun.

On Youtube, you can find many videos about how to make your own chocolate at home.

You can also celebrate this day with Next Gay Thing. We decide to create a special kit, for this holiday. With this kit, you’ll get 3 of the sweetest grooming products and 2 pairs of hot underwear. Hurry up and don’t miss your chance to get this offer.

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to sending candy on National Sweetest Day. Other sweet treats are allowed too. Yes, confectioners originally invented the day to promote their commercial chocolates and sweets. But it has since become a different animal, with regular people sharing anything that might be considered sweet. Cupcakes, cookies, and even pastries are all permitted under the rules. Celebrating National Sweetest Day can be a creative experience.

Finally, you can just buy candy and distribute it like a reverse Halloween, handing out candy to friends, co-workers, and random people on the street to remind them to have the National Sweetest Day of the year.

Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?


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