Dance in your pants to… Arlissa & Jonas Blue, Metronomy and Breathe Carolina & Kaleena Zanders

It’s time to hear some awesome, cracking, gorgeous, inspiring, ass-tastic, hip-fabulous, undie-wondie tracks. It’s time for our “Dance in your pants to…” weekly dose of T-U-N-E-S. Get your clothes off, now. Apart from your undies. And get ready to dance.

Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie, Arlissa & Jonas Blue

Now this song, ladies and gentlemen and those of you too fabulous to decide, is a song that will stir your heart, give you a burst of energy and maybe make you have a little cry, if you’re feeling a bit sensitive. But a GOOD, empowering cry, not a sad one – we promise.

Whichever way you’re feeling, this is a song that might help you decide what your favorite underwear is. And that’s an important goal for anyone. It’s a song about telling the truth when it comes to love. Because hearts ain’t gonna lie.

“It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.
And don’t you say you love me when you know you’ll regret it.”

If you’re feeling that this is a bit of a miserable song, then wait until the chorus kicks in… you’ll be shouting “When love doesn’t feel right” out loud in the supermarket, on the train, and in the toilet at work. It really is that catchy.

“When love don’t feel right
We get along, get along on the outside
Head out the door, but our heart’s on the inside.”

Bliss. Dance in your pants, and love yourself. ‘coz you know that’s the most important thing, right?

Metronomy, The Look

If you’re struggling to get out of bed, for whatever reason, “The Look” by Metronomy will rouse your body, mind and spirit. It’s a song about challenging what you believe about yourself.

“You’re up, but you’ll get down
You’re never running from this town.”

Life is full of ups and downs, sweetie. But get out of bed and put on some new undies and DANCE. Then things will seem much better.

As each layer of instrumentation is added, your mood will lift and your leg will start shaking. If you need your spirit lifted, or even a “spiritual kick up the arse,” this may well do the trick.

“Coz everyone knows you’re troubled.
And you’re going ‘round in circles.”

Get a grip honey. You’re gonna be alright. Those underpants make your butt look fabulous. You’re welcome.

Rhythm Is A Dancer (featuring Kaleena Zanders), by Breathe Carolina, Dropgun

You might think that it would be impossible to inject new life into this classic track, but these wonderful people have done that with bag fulls of super wonderfulness. Yes, we just made up that word, feel free to use it whenever you like.

You know the words already, so no need to quote any lyrics. Oh, OK then, just a few:

“Rhythm is a dancer
It’s a soul companion
You can feel it everywhere”

You’ve got the rhythm, your heartbeat has got a steady one. So, by default, you’re a dancer. Good news huh? So get dancing! In your undies.

This mix is super-fresh and has enough twists and turns to really keep your attention. It may also inspire you to try out some new dance moves. It really made us shake our ass and do things with our hips that we didn’t think were possible.

Now we’re leaving you to get dancing. Have a fabulous weekend!


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