Booty Quest: How Gaymers Can Level Up Their Butt Selfie Game

If you're a gaymer who loves to play video games while also striving to achieve your fitness goals, capturing the perfect butt selfie can be a great way to showcase your progress and inspire others in the gayming community.

Here are some tips on how to take the best butt selfie as a gaymer:

  1. Incorporate gaming into your workout routine: If you’re a gaymer, you can incorporate your love of gaming into your workout routine by trying out exercise routines that involve gaming. For example, you could try dancing along to your favorite dance video game, or running on a treadmill while playing a racing game. This will not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also allow you to have fun while doing it.
  2. Find the right lighting: Good lighting is crucial when it comes to taking a great butt selfie. Avoid using flash and instead try to find natural lighting that accentuates your glutes. If you’re taking a selfie in your gaming room, look for areas with plenty of natural light or set up some additional lights to create a well-lit space.
  3. Strike the right pose: The pose you choose can make all the difference in your butt selfie. Experiment with different poses to find the one that shows off your best angle. For example, you could try turning your body slightly to the side, arching your back, or even doing a squat to accentuate your glutes.
  4. Wear comfortable gaming attire: Choose comfortable gaming attire that not only allows you to move freely but also showcases your personal style. Consider wearing leggings, shorts or even jockstraps that are both comfortable and stylish. Don’t have enough pairs? We can help.
  5. Use the right camera angle: The camera angle is another crucial factor in taking a great butt selfie. Avoid shooting from too low or too high, as these angles can distort your body’s proportions. Instead, aim to shoot from a slightly higher angle, such as holding the camera above your head, to get a more flattering shot.
  6. Edit your photo: Once you’ve taken your butt selfie, you may want to edit it to make it look its best. Use a photo editing app to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings to enhance the lighting and make your butt stand out even more.
  7. Share with pride: After you’ve taken the perfect butt selfie, don’t be afraid to share it with the gayming community. Post it on social media, use gaming hashtags, and inspire others to combine their passion for gaming with their fitness goals.

In conclusion, taking the perfect butt selfie as a gaymer requires a combination of incorporating gaming into your workout routine, good lighting, the right pose, comfortable gaming attire, camera angle, and editing. With a little experimentation and practice, you’ll be able to take the perfect butt selfie that showcases both your passion for gaming and your dedication to achieving your fitness goals.


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