9 Signs You’re Most Likely Gay

Have you been wondering if you're gay or not? Or thought about coming out as straight? Well, we can help you here a bit as we have a handy list of signs that do point in the direction of you being absolutely fabulous.
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1. You host or organise parties for any major events

You and your friends are planning a major event and who is the first one in line to organise everything? You. Yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple brunch or a Christmas feast – every finger in the room and outside of it points to you. Of course it’s because you know how to do it so that it’s the best event anyone’s ever seen from entertainment to snacks and drinks. And every year you swear you won’t do it again but well.. who else?

2. You’re the first person friends come to ask for advice on taste

Does this shirt go with these pants? Do these curtains work for this room? Is yellow my colour? These are questions you probably have heard and will continue hearing a lot. Why? Because you got good taste. Why? Because you hit the genetic jackpot.

3. … and on relationships

But going further with advice, it’s not just taste people trust your opinion on. No, they trust you on their personal lives. You always know which relationship will or will not work (except for your own) and why. And you’re not afraid to voice your opinion even if it might sound rough sometimes. But whoever hurts your friends will not survive another day.

4. You have sex first & date later

Why waste a lot of precious time getting to know someone before you know you have great chemistry in the bedroom (or whichever room you have sex in)? We totally agree. So if you do that before you date the person then we welcome you to the club.

5. You love great underwear

You love wearing hot designer underwear, don’t you? I mean, how could you get a pair of supermarket own-brand undies now when you’ve got Addicted, PUMP!, Supawear and so many other great designer brands? Ah of course, you can’t. It’s why you also got a Gay Pack subscription now, don’t you? If not, there’s still time – get a Gay Pack now!

6. You recognise divas

Adele’s one. Bette Midler is another. Not to mention Cher aka the Goddess of Pop. You know and can name all the divas, no matter which language they speak or whatever they do. It’s a gift, we know.

7. You label someone a ‘gay icon’

Speaking of divas, only you and people like us have the right to call someone a ‘gay icon’. Can you name a few? Thought so.

8. You love to take care of yourself

You love that you’re taking good care of yourself, from eating healthy to using a moisturiser. Not to speak of a good aftershave and that fantastic D&G perfume you just got. We’re in the same boat and it’s why we added grooming products to our Gay Packs – just take a look at our most popular one, the Out’n’Proud pack!

9. You sleep with men

That might a surprise to some but in the end, when you sleep with men then you’re most likely gay. So, embrace your true self and don’t forget to enjoy you’re so very special. In a good way.

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