4 ways to stop excessive sweating

Sweating is the body’s way of regulating its temperature. When we’re hot, we sweat. That moisture then evaporates and cools us down. Sweating is a completely natural part of everyday life.

Still, some people may find sweating undesirable in certain social situations, particularly if their sweat is leaving noticeable damp patches or stains. In these situations, there are some strategies that can help to reduce the amount that you sweat. Here are our 4 tips you need to know to better control your sweating.

Keep cool

Sweating is your body’s way of cooling you down. So by staying cool, you reduce the need to sweat.

In hot weather, it can be really effective to place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to circulate cold air around the room. Another good idea is to keep your curtains and blinds drawn during the day to stop the sun from overheating your rooms. Try to stay in the shade if you’re outdoors.

Eating smaller meals more regularly can help to keep you cool, as metabolic heat is needed to break down food. Staying well hydrated will also keep your body temperature down.

You can also keep your moisturisers in the fridge for a cooling effect when you apply them. Get yourself a handheld fan and keep your head and feet cool by avoiding hats and wearing open shoes when the weather allows it.

Limit spicy, fatty, or salty foods

What you eat and drink can affect how much you sweat.

Spicy foods, like chilli or hot peppers.

As your body processes hot or spicy foods and drinks, your heart rate can increase, which raises your internal body temperature and causes you to sweat.

Fatty, processed foods, like packaged sausages.

Your body needs to work harder to process these fatty foods, which can raise temperature.

Very salty foods, like potato chips.

Your body may try to process extra salt by sweating.

Dietary changes to minimise these foods can lead to better body temperature regulation and less sweating. Instead, you should consume fruits and vegetables, which contain lots of water and can help keep you cool.

Use a deodorant

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Wear breathable clothing

To avoid sweating, you want to keep cool. Opt for loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics, like cotton, linen or moisture-wicking fabric. Your underwear also plays an important role, here you should adhere to the same rules. We can recommend you to try mesh underwear. You can find some great underwear from PUMP! in our store.

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