One-off Gay Pack #16

$50.99 for 1 month

Get a one-off Gay Pack with 1 pair of designer underwear + 4 grooming & lifestyle products at a Member Price.

$107.00+ VALUE!

While the underwear will be a surprise, based on your Taste Profile, you can see the other products on the photo.

Doers of London - Hydrating Face Scrub

A unique cream formula that delivers both skin polishing and enzymatic exfoliation while nourishing and protecting. The skin is resurfaced and detoxified to counter the appearance of blemishes, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and to promote a smooth and radiant complexion.

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Danielle - Nose Strips Watermelon

Designed to hydrate and moisturise dry skin. Give your skin the love it deserves with these watermelons and witch hazel-infused nose strips.

  • Watermelon nose strips from Danielle Creations
  • Includes 12 stripes
  • PVC sheet/non-woven fabric strips

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Marence - Wake-up Anti-gravity Tensor Eye Gel

Refreshing Wake-up Anti-gravity Tensor eye gel based on Hyaluronic acid with MATE tea, APPLE, CUCUMBER & CHESTNUT extracts intensively moisturizes and restores the skin around the eyes, giving it a radiant and healthy look.

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Solidu - Cooling Lip Balm

Natural lip balm from organic cocoa butter, natural beeswax, coconut & almond oils with mint essential oil for a slightly tingly effect. Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the lips. Does not leave an oily residue, absorbs nicely.

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Only the most fab underwear​

We’ll send you underwear that make you feel good and that you want to show off according to the style you tell us.

We only pick high quality & hot underwear from designer brands, such as PUMP!, Marco Marco, Andrew Christian, Addicted, ES Collection, Supawear & others.

PS! If we do not get it right, we have an industry-leading 100-day underwear returns policy. Less than 1% have not been pleased, though!

Discreet packaging​

It’s shipped in discreet packaging in case you don’t want everyone to know you’re getting this fab box from us.