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Earn up to 90 Fab Points.


Gay Packs

Want to feel fab in your body and get a treat at your schedule, right to your door? Just choose how many pairs and how many grooming/lifestyle products you’d like in your Gay Pack and have us to do the hard work for you #LikeAGayBoss!

Upgrade your undies game, easily

We know underwear and if you tell us your style, we’ll be sure to find some of the best underwear out there.

Just imagine yourself in a fantastic pair of designer underwear – don’t you just look hot as hell? Yup, thought so. Can you believe it was delivered with no hassle, hand-picked for you to your door?  

Easy underwear upgrade with no hassle it is.

Oh but beware – if you got a boyfriend/husband/it’s complicated then they might either steal this pair from you or never let you out of the bedroom again.

Try new things

Never thought you’d buy a pair of underwear like *that* and now love it? Or that new organic shampoo that you just got in your pack? Making sure you get something new to try out and love it is something we work for every day. 

Treat yourself!

Had a hard day? Our subscribers just swear by opening their Gay Pack every month.  In fact, it’s their favourite treat, as they’ve told us many times. With the excitement of opening a pack full of surprises and upgrading your underwear & grooming game, we can totally relate.
So you can just relax and have us do the hard work for you. Yup, you deserve this after a hard day, don’t you?

Shipped discreetly

No, we won’t have a huge ‘GAY’ sign on the packages but it’s all shipped in a discreet shipping box. We know how important that can be.

Cancel any time

Oh and you can always cancel your subscription. No strings attached.

What's inside?

Up to you! You can choose to get 1, 2 or even 3 pairs of underwear for your Gay Pack. You can also later just switch your pack and choose less or more underwear. Any time.

Our OUT’N’PROUD PACK (the most popular option!) is the one with 4-5x grooming/lifestyle products which includes at least one larger item, such as a full size product, socks and once even a gym water bottle! 

You can pick our PRIDE PACK which has 1x guaranteed grooming/lifestyle products, such as shower gels, face creams & masks or even socks.


How are they shipped?

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to be fully out. Or you just don’t want anyone to bother your business. For this reason, we’ve taken extra care in packaging the Gay Packs and ship them in discreet packaging like this.



Yes, we ship worldwide with the exception of the Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates as postal services are not able to deliver there.

While we believe you should never hide your true self, we understand also if you don’t want people to know what your ordered.

For this, all packs get shipped out in plain packaging.

In your credit card statement we’ll be displayed as NEXTGTHING.

Yes, you can cancel any time – no long-time commitment. You can also get just a one-time pack by choosing such a length for your pack.

You can also always re-activate your pack.

We ship twice a week, unlike most subscription boxes.

We use regular post for deliveries (and Hermes in the UK for tracked ones).

Usually it takes 2-4 working days in the UK, 5-7 working days in the EU and USA and 7-10 working days in rest of the world for deliveries. We will give you an estimated delivery time for a better understanding.

Untracked shipping is free and tracked shipping (which we recommend) can be added for a low fee.

You’ll always get at least one pair of designer underwear, retailing between $25-40.

If you choose to get also grooming products then you’ll receive products from eye creams to face masks, body scrubs, as well as shower gels and aftershaves.

Besides those, we’re known to add socks every once in a while, loofas and even water bottles! 


What's your style?

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