Afterspa Foot Brush


This two sided foot scrubber is made to scrub and exfoliate dead skin cells, corns, calluses and rough skin on your feet. The pumice stone is for exfoliating rough skin while the brush is best for cleaning of dead skin and debris.


  • Deep Foot Exfoliation
  • Pumice stone for exfoliating rough skin
  • Brush for cleaning off dead skin
  • Never tested on animals
  • Natural, Biodegradable, Vegan


Beechwood handle, natural pumice, tampico bristles (natural plant fiber)


Gently apply the Polishing Foot Stick to your feet on your desired area scrubbing back and forth on the pumice stone side. Apply your favorite foot moisturizing products as desired on the pumice stone and your feet before exfoliating the area for extra soft results. Gently apply in circular motions on the desired area with the brush side until all dead skin cell’s are brushed away.