Why every man should be using hand cream

Putting a moisturizer on your face every morning may already be part of your daily routine. Whatever your skin type, giving your skin “a drink” is bound to perk you up. But why do so few men use hand cream? Surely giving your hands a bit of extra love in this way will make you feel just as good?


Rough skin on your hands does not make you more “Masc”

Let’s clear this up straight away. The stereotype that guys with soft hands are ”less masc” and guys with rough hands are “more masc” is more outdated than some of the food at the back of your Gran’s cupboards. This kind of toxic masculinity isn’t going to make any part of your body feel better. OK, carry on.

Hands take a lot of damage – protect them

Your hands probably take more damage and come across more ‘surfaces’ than any other parts of your body (yes we’re sure some of you may have a couple of exceptions, but let’s keep this clean eh?).

A few examples: doing the dishes, gardening, exposure to hair products and cleaning products – they all leave a toll on your skin – not to mention every time you wash your hands each day.

Using a hand cream is the surest way to restore and repair any damage. Give them a bit of love back, they need it!

Don’t let your hands make you look old

The skin on the backs of your hands is very thin – especially compared to the thick skin on your palms – so it’s easy to develop wrinkles and signs of aging here. A hand cream can help to restore moisture levels across the board making your hands look younger and feel softer.

Choose something that’s right for your skin type

The skin on your hands can be just as complex as the skin on your face. Your hands may need helps that offers more than hydration – from age spots to loose skin or wrinkles – whatever you need, there’s probably a new high-tech hand cream out there for you.

Our hand cream product for this month’s packs

If you’re lucky enough to be getting one of our larger packs this month, keep an eye out for Creams of the Stone Age hand cream. This totally organic hand cream would technically make a light snack, but don’t do that please – your hands will love it more than your mouth. This new concept in skin care is called Paleo cosmetics. Literally, food for your skin. Nom nom

How to apply hand cream

Wash your hands first, then lightly dry. Apply a thicker layer of cream to the back of your hand – it needs this extra moisture boost. Follow by applying some cream to your palms. Take your time. Make sure you massage the cream into potentially rougher areas like your knuckles. Enjoy it! You’re taking care of yourself like a true 21st-century gentleman.


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