What’s eco-luxury and why should you care?

If you've heard about eco-grooming and luxury grooming before then imagine what happens when you combine the two to get to.. wait for it.. eco-Luxury grooming.

The idea behind the term eco-luxury is tackling toxicity and pollution problems at the source. In essence eco-luxury cosmetics design products and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of substances that are harmful for the skin or contaminate the planet. So they keep you and the planet clean.

Moreover, environmentally-friendly production processes are adopted to minimise the emission of pollutants, reduce energy consumption, and incorporate the use of biodegradable and non-toxic substances. Sounds right where our heart is as well.

A great example of this practice is the Spanish brand Ayuna and their minimalistic Cream III (that you might find in your Out’n’Proud pack soon) which despite being on the smaller side, lasts almost forever and makes your skin glow from the inside out.

Begoña Sanjuan, the founder of Ayuna, the first eco-luxury cosmetics company had a short talk with us to explain the way they do things.

“At Ayuna, we question any approach based solely on ‘visible’ change the way we look at beauty. By exploring other signals influencing a person’s perception, we discover so-called non-visual beauty, where some signals coming out of your skin are more perceptible than others such as the skin’s scent.” she explains.

But going further to the Cream III, she adds: “For the first time in the cosmetic industry, Cannabis Sativa Cell Cultures rich in a unique cocktail of terpenes and micro-lipids has been achieved, allowing for the innovative approach of “emotional” beauty. This molecular cannabic cocktail integrates into the skin, creating an increase in oxytocin in the skin and makes your skin look & feel a lot better.”

So in essence they’ve created something that is good for you and the planet through some fantastic science. Doesn’t that look something you’d need right now? We thought so. So open your pack and give it a try!


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