Top 6 tips for using sunscreen

It’s summer, it’s hot, and if your skin colour is anything like my pasty British ‘grey’ milky skin, you’re gonna burn… unless you use protection. No, not a condom, I’m talking about sunscreen, sun lotion or more specifically, the clever science bit… SPF. But more on that later.

Get dressed after you’ve done it

Put your suncream on before you put your clothes on. You’re more likely to miss a bit if your already dressed. Especially in areas around the neck and legs (assuming you’re wearing shorts of course). And, you can avoid dripping bits of cream down your neck. Not a good look babes.

You may even have a good reason to take your top off in the sun. Sunbathing in your lunch break is now a safe option.

It takes 20 minutes to work

SPF in suncream doesn’t work as soon as you put it on your skin. So, waiting till you’re outside, at the beach, walking around, is a no no.

If it’s really hot, you can burn in the time it takes to get the suncream working. An added bonus of doing it at home is that you won’t look silly in public trying to reach that awkward part of your back. You know the bit I mean.

Make sure it’s still good

suncream can ‘go off,’ like milk, but not as extreme. So if you spot a bottle hiding on your Gran’s dusty bathroom cabinet, it’s probably not going to be as protective as the SPF rating it says on the bottle. As suncream ages, it loses its protective abilities. If you have nothing else at all to use, then it’s better to use this than to go out with no cream on. Some protection is better than none right? Actually, coconut oil has a natural SPF of 4, so that’s an option too.

Be a man about it

I know, putting on suncream is annoying and tiresome, especially if it causes a breakout of spots on your face, back or anywhere else. Tips to avoid this would be to use a water-resistant cream if you’re prone to sweating. Use a wipe to clear off dust and grime before reapplying. Then you’re not pushing sweat and dirt into your pores.

Which SPF should I use?

How SPF works is a whole other article. Let us know if you’d like to read that! But in a nutshell, you should probably wear factor 30. It’ll give you an effective level of protection.

Don’t get caught out

Take your cream with you when you’re travelling or heading outdoors. Even if it’s not sunny when you leave the house, weather can change fast. If you have a bottle with you can avoid that nasty ‘surprise sunburn.’

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