Top 3 grooming tips to improve your life

You want to look nicer but have no idea how to start? Or you're really so tired to put a lot of stuff on face after the shower? So here have 3 points if you take care with, it will work quite well. 

Just a few small tips can bring your life a lot of difference! Let’s see what can we easily do.

1. Trim your facial hairs

Guys, trim the nose hairs, please! This is something very basic that makes a world of difference. We actually even recommend getting eyebrows professionally trimmed to clean up the eyes area. Also, clean the hair off your ears and neck.

2. Keep your nails short and clean 

Dirty, long fingernails require no explanation as to why they don’t work. 

3. Cleanse your face on a regular basis with a facial soap

Nobody likes dry skin. If you don’t use to using moisturizer, please avoid using body soap to wash your face. Most of them are too strong for the skin on your face as it’s much more sensitive than the skin on the body.

Remember, Manners maketh man!

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