How to get coco-clean?

When we thought we had heard it all, we came to try out the Face & Stubble Wash from Percy Nobleman that uses.. coconut to get you clean. Plus, we got a few pro-tips on how to take care of your lower face area.

“Cleanse daily to remove any buildup (dirt, products, pollutants, etc.), exfoliate regularly to help prevent ingrown hairs and to make way for new healthy skin cells, and comb your beard daily to ensure even growth. Apply a moisturising product after shaving and don’t forget SPF when you’re out and about! Hang on… that’s more than 1 tip!” says Freddy Furber, the founder of Percy Nobleman to us when we ask for one tip for one’s grooming routine.

But how did we get to this point? Ah yes, we’re featuring their Face & Stubble was in our Out’n’Proud pack this month and found out that it’s been formulated with natural cleansers derived from coconut (!).

“I love the light lather coupled with the peppermint and cucumber aroma, it’s refreshing yet invigorating. The natural surfactants in this wash respect the skin barrier, so it’s very gentle and not harsh on the skin.” Freddy explains.

But why and.. how coconut?

Their head Development Chemist Faye Purcell tells us: “Coconut Derived Surfactants (yes, so not just your regular coconut) are cleansing agents that allow oil and water to mix. The dirt on our skin is often lipid (fat) soluble and does not mix with water. Surfactants allow the oil-soluble dirt to be cleansed away from the skin to leave a fresh complexion. The natural surfactants used in this wash will not ‘strip’ the skin of its natural oils unlike harsher surfactants such as SLS.”

He adds that it also has Allantoin which is moisturising, soothing and has anti-irritation properties. It promotes cell renewal by encouraging dead skin cells to shed the skin, which helps to soften and smooth skin and stubble.

Aha – so it’s efficient AND gentle. Not bad at all. Give it a try!


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