How hard is it to get underwear if you’re not model-size?

A few days ago we saw a news about new underwear brand that advertises itself as "celebrating men of all shapes and sizes" which literally blew up the internet. So, we decided to check the top 5 brands to see how hard is it to find great underwear if you don't have a "body like a model".

“We do not want to ostracise anyone. Men with muscles, skinny guys, larger guys we want them all to feel sexy and confident when wearing our brand. We want to add towards overcoming an unattainable beauty standard and display an accurate representation of the ‘Every day man.” the new brand SURGE says.

As it sounds like a great idea, we checked what the other top brands do. But at the same time we couldn’t help noticing that SURGE does not do XS nor larger than XL sizes.. unfortunately. Do the others?

Marco Marco Underwear

Marco Marco who is known for their fab shapes and colours does sizes from S to XL which is the most popular range. They are a bit smaller in inches/centimetres than SURGE, though.

PUMP! Underwear

Next one is the Canadian premium underwear brand PUMP! Underwear. Known for their sporty and sexy looks, they also do the same size ranges – from S to XL and they’re very similar to Marco Marco in this.

Garcon Model

If you have a look at their sizing chart, their underwear is little bit larger in inches/centimetres than Marco Marco and PUMP! Underwear. However, they also name those from S to XL.

Andrew Christian

The iconic American brand which has found its way to probably every gay guy’s underwear treasure chest is even more inclusive. Namely, they do sizes from XS to XL which is great!


And the last one is the Spanish premium underwear brand ADDICTED! Never making a huge fuss about being inclusive and fab on each body type, they have the largest sizing options from XS to not only XXL but XXXL. Which is wonderful (by the way you may get ADDICTED underwear in your Gay Pack! If you hurry up and get a Gay Pack now!)!

So, while a lot of brands talk about being inclusive, it’s always a good idea to look behind the curtains a bit and love the ones who do what they preach (or even don’t preach). But it’s great to see the underwear industry moving forward and making things better.


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