Five Gay Beaches To Stop At While It’s Still (Kinda) Summer

Summer ‘officially’ ends on September 1st, but we’re holding out for at least a handful of days of summer weather, the more the better! I’ve put together a quick guide to five of my favourite gay beaches… let us know where your favourite spots are at the end.

Cala Balmins / Playa de la Balmins, Sitges, Spain

Right now it’s Bear Week in this gorgeous Catalan seaside town. It’s the gayest place ever. I’ve had some epic times in Sitges. From singing with Dana International to falling off a bar and cracking my head open. Whatever happens in Sitges, stays in Sitges. It’s a party town that has more gay guys than straight people, especially during the summer months.

The Cala Balmins beach has rocky outcrops, golden sands and a beach bar that serves all the typical ‘beach drinks’ you could hope for. Try a local, cold, frothy beer, a Sangria or a cocktail. Or all three. This week you won’t be able to move for hot bears that have come from all around the world.

There’s usually a bit of room in the sea though.

Strandbad Wannsee

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What? A beach in Berlin? Yes babes, there are fabulous lakes with beaches in the queerest city in Europe.

There are so many to chose, but my favourite has gotta be the first one I ever visited, a few years before I lived here. Strandbad Wannsee is a bit far out from the city centre, but it’s worth the travel time. It’s easy to get to by metro. You’ll find a divine beach of white Baltic sands, surrounded by pine forests. Go to the nudist area on the north side if you fancy that. The gay area is right next to it!

Mar Bella, Barcelona

This one is just up the road from Sitges, but it’s totally different. As a city beach, it’s a great place to chill with the locals after work, when everyone heads down to the beach after 4pm. In the summer months it’s packed out with tourists. During ‘Circuit Week’ it’s teaming with Circuit Queens from all around the world.

It’s not the prettiest beach, but the atmosphere is fabulous. I love swimming in the sea, just far out enough to look back at the gorgeous view of Barcelona and the hills around it. I lived in Barcelona for two years, and doing this was one of my favourite things about the city!

Beach 19, Costa Da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal

This one is an absolute treasure, and it’s next on my list. I’m not sure I’ll be lucky enough to make it there this ‘summer,’ but you might! It’s called ‘Beach 19’ because that’s the number of the stop that you should be getting off from the cute little beach train that takes you there.

You’ll actually be in a fabulous nature reserve just outside Lisbon. It’s the largest gay naked beach in Europe, so don’t worry about what you’re going to wear. The beach is nudist by law! Although, you can probably get away with wearing a swimsuit if you’re shy about going nude. Just make sure they’re super-tiny speedos…

Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK

Sorry Brighton, but your beach is the ugly sister compared to the other four. But if you’re in the UK and you want a gay beach, this is the place the be! OK, so it’s not that ugly. I’m just biased because I don’t really like pebble beaches, of which Brighton Beach is made of.

Brighton is the gayest town in the UK, so there’s always plenty going on in the summer months, down on the beach. Take a few beers or a bottle of wine, a picnic and a cushion to sit on and you’re sorted. If the weather turns (this is the UK after all), you can find a ton of fun things to do along the pier, with it’s famous games, fairground and rides! WOO!


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