Do you still shop on Black Friday?

It's that time of year again. Everyone is completely freaking out about Black Friday sales. There are tons of inserts in the newspapers and countless commercials in the big box stores promising the best deals.

Many of my friends are talking about how they’re going to shop starting at midnight on Black Friday. Frankly, I don’t know why they are obsessed with this day. I thought and wrote my reasons why I don’t like it!

1. There’s always Cyber

You get the same deals, without putting life and limb at risk, and you can stay in your pajamas (or shop from work). Moreover, there is no risk you’ll see yourself acting the fool on the news in that Black Friday coverage!

2. Black Friday shopping can be dangerous

Really – there have been reports of trampling, injuries, and even pepper spraying!

3. No guarantees you’ll find what you want

Better limber up so your muscles don’t seize up from standing in line Thursday night and you can sprint down the store aisles.

4. How do you value your time?

Is it really worth leaving your family to go camp out at a store, in the cold, on Thursday night, just to get the latest coveted gadget? That same gadget will probably be gathering dust on a shelf in 2 months’ time after the novelty has worn off. Make some memories instead, go for a walk, enjoy the 4-day weekend … heck, just enjoy sleeping in!

5. Support the store employees

Because you want these deals, they must give up part of their Thanksgiving day to stock the shelves and prepare for the tidal wave of irritable shoppers who want them to go check the back or to move the check-out line a little faster. Don’t they deserve a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving with their families?

The Internet

Another reason why I don’t feel the desire to shop on Black Friday is because I know there are going to be online deals throughout the whole weekend. Personally, I love to shop online, this also helps me to save a lot of time. And the courier brings it to my house. What can be more comfortable?

That’s why we decided to close or shop on Black Friday week. But we still want to surprise you and our team came up with an amazing kit with 3 grooming products and the most expensive two pairs of underwear from our store. Hurry up and you might get this offer before we’ll close our store.

Hope my reasons for Black Friday will change your mind. Don’t forget that It’s not about how many items we can stuff in our shopping carts at 3:00 in the morning. Think twice if you need all this stuff, it will surprise you, will you use it?


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