Best 4 self-massage techniques

Many people want a care option for the relief of pain that is caused by stress, pain, muscle tension, or just want to relax after a long working day.

Luckily, you don’t always need to see a massage therapist to reap the rewards. For some types of ailments or simply for the joy of it, a self-massage can be beneficial too.

What are self-massage techniques?

During a self-massage, you use your hands or other tools to manipulate your own muscles. This involves kneading the skin and applying pressure in certain spots.

Picking up some self-massage techniques can be a useful way to soothe stress and ease pain caused by poor posture or even some chronic conditions.

To get started, you can use one of the 4 self-massage techniques below.

1. For Head Self Massage

Nothing can ruin a perfect day like a throbbing headache. Try this simple self-massage technique to relieve your head pan.

How to do it:

  • Place your thumbs high on your cheekbones, by your ears
  • Gently apply pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips to your temples
  • Continue making circles as your move along your hairline, until your fingertips meet in the middle of your forehead

You can also try this new technology, these exercises will help you if you have a headache.

2. For Neck Self Massage

Sitting at a computer all day in the office can make your neck stiff and sore, doing this simple self-massage technique will help to relieve tension and ease your pain.

How to start:

  • Place two or three fingertips on the back of your neck where your neck meets your shoulders
  • Apply firm pressure and hold the area
  • Release when the muscle feels more relaxed
  • Roll your shoulders forwards and back slowly
  • Repeat three times

After this we recommend you to use CUCCIO TEMPLE – Cooling Therapy With Peppermint.

You just need to apply a small amount to the back of the neck to feel the cool sensation and melt stress away in moments.

3. For Feet Self Massage

Remember that in the evening, a slow massage on the feet can help soothe the day’s stress. The effect of relaxation can enhance the football with mint.

Like this SKNFED – Organic Foot Balm With Peppermint. Plus beneficial properties of Shea Butter and Vitamin E will leave your skin soft and nourished.

4. For Lower Back Self Massage

Lower back pain is a very common complaint and can be disabling in some cases. Unfortunately, everyday activities such as cleaning and gardening can make your lower back pain even worse. You can alleviate your lower back pain by doing this quick technique.

How to do it:

  • You need to get a massage ball/tennis ball
  • Position a massage ball/tennis ball between your lower back and a wall
  • Move your body up and down, or side to side to find areas of tension
  • Apply a stronger pressure in the tender spots to help release the tension

If you’re experiencing mild pain, self-massage may help ease your symptoms. It’s a convenient, easy way to relieve tension and discomfort. You can also use it as a preventive self-care method.

For best results, be gentle with your body and pay attention to your pain.


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