6 reasons to use a collapsible water bottle

You know you need to drink water and enough of it, right? But constantly having to buy water is hard on your wallet, plus getting one takes time as well. So, we found the perfect add-on to your everyday gear - a collapsible water bottle!
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We might be a bit biased on this (as you can find Bennkai’s collapsible water bottle in the Out’n’Proud Pack this month worth $22!) but we have to say we love collapsible water bottles. They really do seem like the perfect practical accessory of 2020. Don’t you agree?

1. It fits everywhere

As well, it’s collapsible, it takes very little space compared to a regular water bottle. Which means that you can keep it anywhere and take it with you easily. Just be sure it’s empty and fold it. That’s it – you can put it wherever you want.

2. It’s practical

As you can take it with you, fit it anywhere and improve your well-being, it really is one of the most practical things we’ve ever come across.

3. It’s good for the environment

You will not need to buy a bottle of water anymore when you’re out and about. Why? Well, because you’d have your bottle with you. This means less plastic waste which is definitely something the world desperately needs.

4. It looks & feels neat

We have to admit that all of that would matter less if it didn’t look this neat. Good design and feel is really a must. Bennkai’s nailed this in our opinion and it’s one of the main reasons we love it a lot.

5. It’s great for trips

Naturally, you usually drink a lot of water when travelling. So what better option to use than a collapsible water bottle? Remember – it’ll fit anywhere and thus save you some valuable space!

6. You can re-use it

No surprise here but hey – you can use this bottle many-many times! Not only is it good for the environment but also for you. You’ll save time and money by not having to buy bottles of water as you’ll always have your trusty water-buddy with you!

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