4 beard maintenance tips every guy should know

Growing a beard for the first time can be a bit like asking out your crush: everybody’s got an opinion about the best way to do it and the stakes feel super high. With a beard, the stakes *are* high… get it wrong and you have to start over, or walk around with a funny-looking face. Luckily, brave souls have gone before you. We’ve canvassed the internet and find 4 tips what you should know.

1. Your Beard Neckline Should Resemble a “U”

If you don’t carve your neckline the right way, don’t worry. It’s tough to know exactly what you’re supposed to do, and it’s easy to get it wrong. You see necklines that creep into the cheeks, or on the underside of the chin. Meanwhile, other guys grow a neckbeard.

But there is one correct way to do this, no questions asked. Take your index and middle finger, and place them together above the Adam’s apple to determine the baseline for the bottom of the beard. It’s helpful to set a line from this point straight across the neck with your trimmer or razor first, then trim the hairs below.

Next, from this point above the Adam’s apple, shave a “U” shape from the back of both ears, behind the jawline. This is your neckline, and should be every guy’s neckline. This Groomarang Beard Shaping & Styling Template Comb will help you to deal with it which You can get from our store GROOMARANG BEARD SHAPING TOOL. If you are our subscriber, don’t forget to use your fab points for a discount of up to -100% and you can also add your purchase to your next Gay Pack to save on shipping cost.

2. You Should Be Able to Fade Your Own Beard Neckline, Too

To blend your bare neckline into your beard—in the same way a barber fades the sides of your haircut into the fuller top—all you need to do is follow a few simple steps with your trimmer.

Put a 1-guard on your clipper and close it all the way. Trim roughly one full inch into the beard (assuming it’s not extremely big and bushy, in which case a faded neckline is pointless). This will create a soft contrast.

Then you can take the guard off and trim halfway up into the 1-guard line for a steadier contrast. The result is a graduation from bare neck to full beard over the course of one inch.

3. Relax your face while trimming the moustache

It’s just a small strip of hair, but the moustache deserves more attention than you’re giving it—namely when it comes to trimming. One key to a successful trim, is to maintain a normal ‘resting’ face when trimming, to assure your moustache is even with all expressions. Moustache scissors are imperative instead of electric clippers, because they allow you a more natural result.

You also need a small comb so you can comb the moustache hairs straight down to determine how much length and bulk need to be trimmed. Once the length has been determined, the bulk can be reduced by combing the hairs away from the face and removing the top layer. Your comb and scissors should do the trick.

Here you can check video how to do it

4. Remember that “Beard Maintenance” also means “Skincare”

Here’s some neckline-shearing insight that will remind you of your clean-shaven days: Most guys treat shaving as a chore and not a process. Some guys might think “I need to remove this hair” instead of “I need to keep my skin healthy”.

If this sounds like you, then you might be a prime candidate for irritation, infection, and razor burn on and around your neckline. Take your time shaving around the beard, just as you would have a full regimen for shaving your face. Any proper shave takes time, especially when it comes to pre- and post-shave care.

Even if you’re just maintaining facial hair and shaving around certain patterns, be sure your skin is clean. You need to make sure the pores are open beforehand and properly sealed after to avoid irritation. That’s why you should start the shave with a hot shower, and end it with a cold splash of water before applying a nourishing beard balm barrier.

So, this is it – our four tips you should know – now it’s your turn to try them out!


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