Top 10 Weirdest Beauty Products

We all love grooming, right? Sometimes we can find a few products that confuse people. Here we have 10 super interesting products we found, let's take a look!


1. Aesop POST-POO drops

We’re not sure what the weirdest part about these poo drops is: that they were released by the beyond-chic beauty brand Aesop, that they were a collaboration with the beyond-chic fashion brand A.P.C., or that they’re poo drops…

2. Bacon Addicts

Well…We love bacon, especially in the morning — but not sure in the form of toothpaste.  We’ve tried Liquorice toothpaste in Gay Packs and people loved it, so maybe it’ll be a new hit? 

3. Bigan Beauty Face Expander

Squishier face—take action with this ‘cheek muscle training’ tool that allegedly stretches your skin to prevent it from sagging. Setting aside the fact that the silicone muzzle makes you look like a human blowup doll, we’re not sure we want to use something that claims to expand our face.

4. 100-Piece Silk Facial Cleansing Finger Cocoons

We all know silk is a fab material, not only for making fabrics but also beyond. But wait…Using cocoons to wash your face? So every time you wash your face you kill one silkworm. That’s a bit too much.

5. Futae Compass Make-Up Eyelid Brush

The brush on this makeup tool swivels back and forth to draw a crease along hooded eyelids. We’re a little distracted by the fact that the brush appears to be a plastic, pizza-cutter-like wheel that you dig into your eye area, which seems more harmful than helpful.


6. Facewaver Exercise Mask

Based on its design, the only thing more terrifying than this stretchy mask is a wrinkled face, apparently. After five minutes a day, the Faceweaver claims to stretch and tighten the skin and facial muscles for a younger, more radiant you. It’s also great for robbing your local bank.


This weird-looking product was actually once endorsed by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. The PAO facial exerciser is supposed to help you tone your facial muscles by exercising those neglected muscles which may be causing you to look older.

However, this is one exercise you may want to keep the privacy of your own home unless you fancy looking as if you had sprouted silicone wings from your mouth. You have to close your mouth (without using your teeth to bite down on the holder), and then headbang (or just nod) for 30 seconds twice a day. No pain, no gain, right?


Don’t want to splurge on a nose job? This electric nose straightener from Japan claims to be able to slowly – but surely – adjust, lift, and straighten out your nose with its physical clamping and the gentle vibrations that the device emits.

We aren’t sure how much a vibrating device around the nose can really help to reshape bones and cartilage. However, the product is apparently one of Japan Trend Shop’s hit products, so there may be something in it after all.

9. Goatee Shaver

Simply bite down on the template and shave it and shaving your beard into a perfect goatee. Are you afraid it’s going to look uneven on either side, leading you to shave your whole face and start over, no worries, here you are.

This Goatee Shaver is something of a brilliant contraption, which is an adjustable template designed to shape and form your goatee.

10. Back hair remover

The Mangroomer is something of a genius contraption that looks nothing like a shaver but is able to reach the most difficult of places on your back or if you shave unconventionally elsewhere.

It’s touted as a professional do-it-yourself back saver with a fully extendable and adjustable handle to get your hair at all the right angles and the harder to reach middle and lower parts of your back. How can you not want this strange but wonderful product in your grooming arsenal?

What do you think about those products? Which ones would you like to try?



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