SSANAI All In One Lotion Mini 30 ml


Toner + Lotion + Essence, all-in-one hydrating lotion that moisturises, repairs, and improves the look and feel of your skin. This non-sticky, light and refreshing formula easily absorbs into skin. Its scent consists of musk and a sandalwood base with bergamot, mandarin and green tea.

  • SUPER QUICK ALL IN ONE FACIAL TREATMENT – Skin routines can be meticulous and time consuming, something that men are usually not very happy about. SWAGGER’s Face Optimizer addresses that issue in its all in one formula by providing aftershave, moisturizer, and essence effect all in one bottle! After taking a shower, use less than 10 seconds to be up and running, and also reap all the benefits of a full skin routine!
  • REFRESHING AND SOOTHING LIGHT AQUA SCENT – SWAGGER’s Face Optimizer has a really nice scent that is both refreshing and masculine. If you are interested in an aftershave, lotion, and an essence that is does not have strong musk scent but a rather refreshing spring breeze, you have come for the right product.
  • EXTREMELY QUICK ABSORBABILITY AND FRESH FINISH – One of men’s biggest concerns about skin care products is the texture and the absorbability of the product. You don’t want to feel all slimy and your face to look greasy like a ceramic surface. SWAGGER’s Face Optimizer gets rid of that tight dry feeling after washing your face but rather keeps your skin matte smooth and fresh. You’ll absolutely love it

How to use:

  • Apply proper amount of lotion over face after cleansing your face, gently massage to promote absorption into skin.


Hyaluronic Acid : Help reduce wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin.

Organ Spins Kernel Oil : Works well for clogged skin by regulating the build-up of oil in the pores.

Papaya Extract : Help rid the skin’s upper surface of dead cells while modulating the elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis.