James+Jake Extreme Cool Foot Spray 140 ml


Even the most upmarket locker room floors can be home to bacteria. Treat your feet to this refreshing, cleansing and protecting post-exercise mist. Contains a blend of natural eucalyptus to blitz nasty bacteria and mint for a fragrant, uplifting and cooling sensation. Free from unnecessary fragrance or artificial colours and packaged in a lightweight, shatter-proof and recyclable spray bottle.

Recommended by GQ Magazine in its Best Grooming Items of the Week edit, this refreshing mist was developed to blitz the bacteria caused by sweat. A light and minty fragrance helps to eliminate some of the unsavoury odours caused when you combine sport and sneakers. Leaves feet soft, cleansed, instantly cooled, and more protected from the locker room floor

Resting your feet on a fresh towel, hold the bottle a few inches away and spray evenly over the feet including the soles. Massage in gently if desired

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lime peel