Why Jeju island should be your next beauty-stop

While you might not have heard about Jeju island, there's at least one reason why it should be your next beauty-stop.

While you might not have heard about Jeju island, there’s at least one reason why it should be your next beauty-stop.

Jeju island in Korea is well known for its clean natural environment and it has unique volcanic ash which releases far-infrared radiation. While this sounds scary, it’s actually good as it warms the body and activates blood circulation. It also absorbs lead components and has an antibacterial effect. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But why would you care considering travelling there takes a heck of a lot of time unless you’re in Korea? One word – K-beauty. They take full advantage of this special ingredient from Jeju island.

Considering cosmetics in Korea always originated with good skin being glorified. For example, in cold winters, people often apply lard to soften and protect their skin from frostbites centuries ago. Based on tradition, Koreans only used natural and harsh ingredients to create transparent, glow-y, and natural-looking skin through multiple generations, making K-Beauty products better and famous today. Today, Korean face masks are made of cotton pads soaked and infused with natural and active skin-rejuvenating ingredients.

And this is what you can try if you have the Out’n’Proud pack this month. A face mask from the leading face mask brand BETTERSKIN. They use the ash from Jeju island, bringing all that radiation home. Kidding. Just the bits that make you look and feel fantastic.

Here’s how to get the best out of it:

  • Remove mask from the package.
  • Unfold the sheet mask and place it on your face aligning the holes to your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Sit back and relax for 15-25 minutes.
  • Peel off the mask and discard the sheet mask.
  • Gently pat the essence into your face for maximum absorption.
  • Enjoy yourself!

Or if you want to use the ash without this simple mask, go and book a trip to Jeju island!


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