Is natural deodorant better for us?

If you've checked the grooming shelves at your nearby department store, you might've noticed that natural deodorants are all the rage. But if and how are they better for us?

First of all, it’s important to highlight the difference between a natural deodorant and a conventional antiperspirant. Antiperspirants blocks the pores and prevents the body from sweating, most commonly using active ingredient such Aluminium salts.

Giangiacomo Postir, the co-founder of the Doers of London explains: “Suppressing sweating is not natural. The body needs to sweat in order to eliminate toxins and support the natural skin turnover. Natural deodorants work with the body, instead of against it, by preventing and contrasting odours. They absorb skin moist and reduce the formation bacteria that cause odours.”

Makes sense! And it’s one of the reasons we have their natural deodorant in our Out’n’Proud pack. Doers of London Natural Deodorant contains no aluminium, alcohol, talc and baking soda, and it is formulated with enzymes and probiotics that work as a catalyst to control body odour and to balance the skin, avoiding the formation of stinky bacteria. It is rich in plant extracts that works as a natural sweat absorber and infused with a fresh bergamot scent and notes of black tea. Sounds fantastic, right?

What’s the best practise?

We also asked him how to switch from conventional antiperspirant to natural deodorant and what’s the best way to actually use deodorant – is there sort of a best practice?

“Switching to a natural deodorant could require an adjustment, especially, in case you’ve been using conventional antiperspirant for years.” he says. “During this time, you may have a period of more sweating and stink. In general, that only lasts a few weeks as your body adjusts to the new deodorant.”

But remember, as your body gets used to the new product, you should keep an eye for dryness and potential rash. In case you are noticing rashes, as for every cosmetic product on the market, best practice is to stop using the product and refer to your dermatologist.

If you are experiencing temporary dryness instead, that is a normal and natural reaction, due to the absorbing nature of the formulation. Stop the application for couple of days and apply moisturiser to the part. In general, it’s best to be gentle, a couple of swipes across the entire armpit are sufficient.

How’s Doers of London different?

Postir tells us that: “When creating a new product, we develop our formulations using only natural and ingredients that are well known in scientific literature to be highly efficient but well tolerated by the skin. All Doers of London formulations containing no ingredients that have come under scrutiny as the possible cause of various serious health issue, including parabens, PEGs, SLS, SLES, silicones, mineral oils, glycols, TEA, DEA, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours. All our products are dermatologically tested to reduce the risk of potential skin irritations. “

Another great point is that all their products are approved as cruelty free under the Leaping Bunny Program and approved as vegan by the Vegan Society.

“To reduce use and waste, we are committed to improve our practices, by substituting plastic where possible with glass and aluminium, when not possible or when it would increase the overall carbon footprint, implementing recyclable plastic derived from post-consumer recycled material. We are also committed to minimising secondary packaging where possible, when not possible to use only FSC certified paper.” he points out.


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