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Tips: How To Talk About Gay Packs

So, you’d love to promote your referral link or code to your friends but don’t know how? We’ve gathered a few tips from other people like you. 

Best tips around

Check your address book

Open up your contact book on WhatsApp and scroll – oh, we’re sure you come up with some friends that you’d love to fab up life! Then press “Share via WhatsApp”, and you’re done!

Post an Instagram story

Film how you’re unboxing the fab Gay pack and then post it in stories on Instagram

Send a private message

Take a sexy picture with your favourite underwear or product and share them in private messages on Messenger!

Post a Facebook story

Want to go a lil naughty? Take a video of yourself in designer underwear and post it in Facebook stories – show them how confident you are! Empower them by giving a chance to join our community!

Have a (virtual) Gay Pack Party!

Or even have a grand old gay pack party! Get your friends together (even if it’s a Zoom-call) and show what you’ve got in your Gay Pack. They are sure to love it as much as you do and you’ll be their guide to a much more fab future!

Send them an email

Oh, you can also enter your friends’ emails, and names and our system will send emails automatically! Easy as this!

Don't forget to share your link!

Do not forget to include your unique coupon code or the link that you can find here.

Some more ideas

"I love to refer my friends because I enjoy daypack and I think they will too. My usual referrals come from social media posts and the link with info is in my linktree in my bio on my platforms. "
"I saw your packs a lot online and decided to try them myself; I thought it was such a great idea and value for money! After maybe three boxes, I started posting about them on my social media accounts and also had lots of people reach out about where I get my underwear from etc. I post about the packs every time I get them and also tag you guys if I’m wearing the underwear or using the products on social media too!"
"I shared my code on my Instagram story and with a few friends and I think it kept getting passed along, which is kind of cool. I just thought it was a super cool subscription program and passed it along to friends."
"I would usually make Instagram story showing what I received in your box, then answer all followers questions through DM. The idea comes from the box itself and products in it."