Wednesday Company Clink Cuffs


Never worry about losing the key again. no knots, buckles, or locks just slip them on, and you are good to go (or stay put). made from strong, medical-grade silicone that is soft to the touch, these cuffs are comfortable, effective, and easy to clean. Ideal for various positions and can be worn on both your wrists and ankles.

These cuffs are a great way to explore BDSM and kink in a safe, easy way.

Product Details

• Phthalate-Free

• Latex-Free

• Medical Grade Silicone

• Not Compatible With Silicone Lubricants

• Waterproof

• Inner Diameter: 5.9cm

Best Practices

Wash after each use with warm water and soap. We recommend an antibacterial cleaner for the best results. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel, then allow to air dry completely before storing.