SYMBIOSIS Revitalising Sugar Lip Scrub


Infusing luscious sugar micro-crystals, Symbiosis Revitalising Sugar Lip Scrub aims to gently exfoliate lips and polish their surface. It works to make their texture spectacularly smooth and refined. Instantly, lips glow with radiance and reveal the softness of a rose flower. As the massage takes effect, its delightful texture transforms into a nourishing mask, infusing the lips with the power of Rose, Hyaluronic Acid and Peony.

Rose works to buff away dead skin cells and impurities to reveal soft, smooth and youthful lips. Its light-reflective properties help illuminate lips. Hyaluronic Acid aims to intensely hydrate, plump and balance moisture levels without feeling heavy or sticky. Rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, Peony aims to protect lips against free radicals, reducing pigmentation and enhancing lips’ natural glow.


  • Aims to exfoliate and protect lips against environmental stressors
  • Helps illuminate lips
  • Works to reduce pigmentation
  • Aims to enhance lips natural glow

The Expert Advice:

Did you know ?

t’s important not to over exfoliate. Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week. Start with once a week so you avoid irritating your lips.

Applying your skincare the right way:

  • Use your fingertip to apply a small amount of scrub onto your lips.
  • Spread the scrub around and simply use your finger to exfoliate away any dry or dead skin.
  • For better exfoliation, use a soft bristled toothbrush instead of your finger, in a circular motion to firmly, but not roughly exfoliate your lips.
  • Leave on your lips for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Rinse off with a warm washcloth.
  • Pat your lips dry with a towel, then follow up with your favourite lip balm.

Store in a cool and dry area.

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