Holika Holika Aloe Soothing Gel Multi Patch


Do you love Holika Holika’s universal aloe vera gel Aloe 99% Soothing Gel? Then the new multi-patches for the face and body just will not leave you cold! Indeed, in cold and windy time, and under the influence of air conditioners – this kid is your real defender.

Its unique formula is based not only on the juice of aloe, but also on extracts of lotus, Centella asiatica, watermelon, cucumber, corn, cabbage and juice of bamboo – which intensely moisturize the skin and will return the skin flat and light tone, relieve inflammation, reduce the sensitivity and peeling.

The advantage of these patches, are not only in composition, but also on the packaging, because you can use a patch on the cheeks, where there is often tension and peeling are formed. And on the knees and elbows, about what we often forget.