Top deal breakers, answered!

We know that it seems like a crazy idea to start receiving gay packs every month. But is it really crazy to look better and better every month? And spend less time on it? Have a look at our top deal breakers below!

But I don’t need new underwear!

Of course you don’t need it (you go commando, right?) but research shows that one of the biggest turn ons for gay men is great underwear. And it’s not only that, it’s also one of the top factors in making yourself feel good in an easy way. Plus, you can pick exactly what you’d like to receive – either just beauty samples, underwear or everything!

I don’t need beauty samples!

We get it, testing something new can be scary. But imagine that you get to try out tons of new stuff every month without a lot of commitment – if you don’t like the beauty samples we send, they’re samples and bygones by next month.

I want to know what I’ll get

Of course you do but don’t you just like surprises? Especially if those surprises are picked out especially for you by men like you. You believe that only another man knows how, right?

It’s too expensive!

We have given a promise to you that we will never ever charge you more than the products would retail for. And we keep our promises. You can trust on that.

I’m afraid of commitment!

Aren’t we all… But remember that if you don’t like a relationship, you can always call it quits and say it’s us, not you.