Daily Concepts Face Brush


Carry The Daily Facial Dry Brush as an essential pre-beauty ritual tool for your face’s best benefit.

The Daily Facial Dry Brush is a gentle dry brush with softer bristles than a body dry brush for your face that drains lymphatic nodes, increases circulation and reduces puffiness while exfoliating your skin. Sweep away dead skin cells for a healthy looking face.


Use a gentle circular motion on the face only on clean and dry skin with The Daily Facial Dry Brush.

  • Stroke along your Lymphatic
  • Stroke downward along jawline
  • Brush upwards along your cheeks
  • Stroke around your eyes
  • Brush forehead/nose downward
  • Brush cheeks downward
  • Brush neck downward


Sprinkle cornstarch or clay powder and massage gently into bristles

PRO TIP: Follow up with a moisturizer or serum after you’re facial workout to restore smooth skin.

What We Love About The Daily Facial Dry Brush:

  • Tones and firms skin
  • Drains lymphatic system
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Vegan
  • Never tested on animals