b.tan Gradual Tan / Moisturising cream 30 ml


  • everyday gradual tan lotion
  • an everyday body moisturiser
  • no gimmicks no fake tan smell just the awesome gradual tan lotion on the planet.
  • conditions and hydrates skin while building a natural looking golden glow
  • paraben free vegan friendly + 100% natural DHA

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How to use me

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Squeeze it, and rub all over. Wash your hands after use. It will make you feel special, a little sexy and not to mention glowing. after all, it is love!

Starts dark, ends darker

They don’t just end our range at ultra dark, they start there and work their way up. Just choose your level of super darkness and rinse it off when you’re as dark as you want to go.

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