Artist of the month:


In December 2021, the artist whose artwork is featured on the cards inside our Gay Packs is the Estonian MA+KE Lab and their Eternal Garden collection. 

They are a multidisciplinary design laboratory based in Tallinn, Estonia. They’re specialised in textiles, wallpaper, prints and furniture.

About the collection

The collection encapsulates patterns of the unusual and wonderful plants, scarce or extinct in the wild. Revitalised in the caring hands of gardeners.

Gardens have been a cradle of aesthetic and beauty ever since the emergence of the first civilisations. Place where humankind can recreate and celebrate nature. In that the idea of the Eternal Garden is created, ever-present and indestructible. It has achieved a wonderous form in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and become a religious symbol in the garden of Eden. In them, we can experience some of the world’s most ancient and rare plants.

Eternal Garden is a visual poem about caring for something so fragile, yet so beautiful.

This sanctuary unfolds as a dreamy view from the ground to the sky. Starting with mostly ground-dwelling flora and growing into the sky with lush blooms. It is an opportunity to appreciate and marvel at miraculous plants that have grown and still dwell on our planet.

The collection brings back to existence some of the most uncommon and ephemeral flora in the world. Ginkgoaceae one of the world’s most archaic plants, predating dinosaurs. Calamites that in the past were, unlike modern horsetails, a wondrous fern forest. Saint Helena Olive extinct tree whose seeds are waiting in storage for future gardeners to bring its blooms to the world again

The colour palette is reminiscent of the four seasons that all gardens go through and, in that forms, the eternal cycle of life.

About the project

In our effort to support our own community, we feature artwork by LGBT+ artists every month on the cards inside our Gay Packs.