24 Hours in Berlin

This week we’re taking you to Europe’s quirkiest and most liberal capital city, Berlin – where absolutely anything goes – almost. From parties that start on Wednesdays and go on all the way until Monday morning, to naked beaches and tiny tasty cafes, this city has got it all.

Here are our top picks for what to do if you have 24 hours free in Berlin, in summer (our winter guide would be very different!)

Top 10 Weirdest Beauty Products

We all love grooming, right? Sometimes we can find a few products that confuse people. Here we have 10 super interesting products we found, let’s take a look!

Gay rights all around the world

Do you know which are the 10 most gay-friendly countries in 2018? Also, the 10 worst ones who will literally kill you for being gay?


With so much noise on Instagram these days, it can take a lot of scrolling to satisfy your appetite for boys and undies. But fear not! Our weekly feature of the hottest hotties on Instagram will sort that out…

This week’s Instacrush is another one of our favorite Instagram hunks… the way he looks in his undies is just… “inspirational.”

When You’re No One With Your Boyfriend

I used be at the height of my happiness when I found him. He had everything – he was funny, good-looking, a great job, well-educated and had the energy of an energetic bunny in spring. But there was just one thing. He was in the closet.

24 hours in Madrid

The Spanish capital has the biggest gay population of any city in Europe. It’s a very gay-friendly place, with tons of gay bars, clubs and parties – as well as lots of art, history and culture. Get ready for your 24 hours in Madrid.