The Ultimate Gift for Your Gay-Self

The #1 Subscription Box for Gay Men – Featuring Designer Underwear and Full-Size Skincare & Self-Care Products.

Delivered at your schedule & discreetly.

Meet the Gay Packs

We have 4 different Gay Packs, all configurable to your exact wishes.

Out'n'Proud Pack

Monthly. Top Choice.

Seasonal Pack

Four-Times-a-Year. Largest.

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Elevate Your Self-Care with Our Mystery Box

Get ready for a tantalising surprise with our exclusive subscription box.

Featuring exclusively premium designer underwear and hand-picked skincare & lifestyle products, each box is carefully curated to make you feel special and pampered.

Elevate your self-care routine with us today.

Designer underwear from brands you love

We only include underwear for brands that are premium enough and never compromise, from some of the biggest ones to new and upcoming ones you’ll be sure to love.

By the way, if we do get your underwear less than perfect (less than 1% so far!), you can always easily return them within 100 days thanks to our industry-leading hassle-free returns policy.

All gay, all the time

Don’t worry – we’re a gay team, so we’ll only pick things we’d like ourselves because… we know.

More than that, we believe being gay makes our whole community special in the very best sense.

It’s why we are called Next Gay Thing and are fabulously gay, all year around, not just in Pride-month.

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your pack, how many pairs of underwear & how often would you like to get it.

Step 2

Tell us what you like

Tell us your underwear size, types from briefs to jockstraps and whether you like them to be more fun or more classic.

Step 3

Get your box + more!

Treat yourself with some of the best designer underwear you’ve ever seen as well as grooming & lifestyle products.

You can change or cancel your subscription and update your taste preferences and size any time.

Want to get access to our secret community?

If you’d like to get access to our secret group, just sign up with your email & we’ll send you the details.

Next Gay Thing is here to make sure a gay man never has to suffer through using a straight man product ever again. You are fabulous and you should never forget it. And you deserve at least one treat every month.